Third Baptist Church
Wednesday, April 01, 2020

A Word From Our Pastor

It is with great joy and pride, I write these words in honor of 110 years of dedication in service to the Lord. This is a special occasion where men and women come together working for their community and church in service to God. As the pastor of Third Baptist Church I am truly blessed and honored to be surrounded by such a cloud of witness who are dedicated and strong in the Lord. It has been my pleasure to continue on in Kingdom building here at Third Baptist Church. For the past fifteen years, we have worked triedless as the Lord leads us to reach out to the community. This is a work we shall continue to do as we hear His voice and do the work set before our hands.I look forward to working with the community and congregation as a testimony of what God is doing above and beyond what we can imagine. And as we continue in making Disciples, I look forward to your support, love, friendship and understanding. Together we can accomplish great thing for God and humanity. Feel free to join us anytime at Third Baptist Church 22 Warren street Lawrence Mass, 01841 You can contact us on the contact page on the Web-Site For it is through the eyes of these that God has smiled upon the earth, for surely as you have blessed us, God shall bless you To God be the Glory for the great things He has done! Pastor Lewis E. Floyd Jr.