Third Baptist Church
Monday, November 18, 2019

A Short Biblical Message

The Sermon of the Month
Text: "Ye will not come to Me, that Ye might have life." John 5:40
Introduction: These words spoken are probably the most pathetic words given to you and I by the Savior Jesus Christ. however, it must have hurt the heart of Jesus to be rejected by his own people. it is hard when the word's of Christ are rejected by mankind and misunderstood and ridiculed by those who we bound to be the closest with ties by blood, history, and faith.

In Jesus the agelong hope of the Jewish nation had been fulfilled, but yet so, blind and prejudiced were they, at not hearing to the voice of God, and they did not know him for whose coming God had been preparing them and the world for centuries. However, we are not just spectators of this tragedy but are participants in it and contributors to it.
The Theme: On Giving God a Chance!
Three important things we can do when we give God a chance.

  • We must give Him a chance if we would really want to know who God is.
  • We must give God a chance it we would discover who we are.

  • We must give God a chance if we would really discover what He can do for us.
In Conclusion: A few Seed Thoughts 

1st. Man greatest blunder "Ye will not come to Me that Ye might have life." John 5:40, it will take self-surrender and self-fulfillment, to come to God is always an act of self-surrender and self fulfillment, and must be first experienced as self-surrender.

2nd. When a mans ideal becomes the minimum of discomfort and the maximum of pleasure,  he becomes nothing more than the bi-product of his pleasure.

3rd. Therefore, we have three questions before us: Who is God? What is man? And what must I do to be saved?

For the Bible ask all these questions and provides the answers.